The More I Resist . . .

The more I resist the rejection of another, the more rejected I get.

resistance stubborn-husky-puppy-4929888The more I try to make you love me, the sooner your rejection will come.

The more I resist feelings of depression, the deeper the depression goes.

The more I try to fall asleep, the more alert and awake I become.

The more I try to look pretty, the less attractive I appear.

The more I try to be an intuitive, the less my intuition serves e.

The more I try to convince you that I am right, the sooner will you find me wrong.

The more I try to appear smart, the more errors I make.

The more I try to get my children to tell me things, the less they share with me

The more I try to do everything myself, the less I get done.

The more I resist and fight an illness, the more ill I become with it.

The more I try to avoid stress, the bench-press-1013857_960_720more stress chases me.

The more I resist, the more my problems persist.