What Clients Say

Weight Loss

“I have struggled with my weight since I was a child, which is about 40 years of being chubby, then obese. 15 years ago, in desperation, I had gastric bypass surgery. Over an 18 month period, I lost 100 lbs. Finally, I was a ‘normal’ size person! It didn’t last more than a year, and I was back to fighting with weight gain. I never thought it would happen, but after 15 years, I had gained back 50 pounds. Dieting, exercise, nothing helped. I decided to make my peace with my size and stopped all dieting efforts. My body stayed at the same weight for 3 years with no effort, which I was satisfied with. Then menopause came along, and although I didn’t change my eating habits at all, my body put on 25 pounds in a year! I was devastated and couldn’t come to terms with that. Then I met Chana. I asked her if she could help me with weight, without putting me on a diet, which I had vowed never to do again. She said she doesn’t advocate any type of eating plans, she only gets rid of blockages. I began with her in August 2019. I have no idea what she did to me, all I know is that after 4 appointments, I was able to stop my emotional eating. In my 55 years of comfort eating, I never thought it was possible that I could ignore my body wanting to eat when I am stressed or unhappy! One thing Chana kept saying was, ‘You have to feel your feelings. Don’t hide them, don’t mask them. Let them come out.’ Thanks to her guidance, I began journaling whenever I felt the temptation to eat between meals. Over time, my journaling need even left me, because I became aware of when I wanted to eat for comfort and was able to talk myself through it. I also stopped telling myself that I didn’t care if I was overweight. Scared, I came out of my box and faced the fact that yes, I really do want to go back to that lowest weight I was after my surgery. What I didn’t realize was that it wasn’t going to happen in the manner I expected. Because I had stopped all snacking and was eating only 3 meals a day (still can’t believe that change happened to me!), people (including Chana) were telling me, ‘Oh, you’re doing intermittent fasting?’ I didn’t even know what that was. I looked into it and decided to give it a try. It only meant a couple of adjustments to what I was already doing. Well, lo and behold! I now do intermittent fasting – something I never would have even considered before going to Chana, and it is easy! It is now March 2020, and I have been doing 20-hour fasting, 4-hour window for eating for the past three weeks and have lost 10 pounds! It’s simple, effortless, and effective. Now this is not an advertisement for intermittent fasting. I would never have given two minutes’ time to learning about or trying fasting or journaling or stopping my emotional eating if Chana hadn’t changed something in my body to allow those new habits in! I tried and tried for 40 years to fix myself, including using major surgery to deform my stomach in order to lose weight, and even that didn’t work! Chana has a special gift, and she is worth every penny you’ll spend. You’ll think nothing’s happening and suddenly it is! Try her out!”

50 year old female professional

Chana was my last stop on my journey to being healed . . .

“Where to begin. My journey through extreme physical and emotional pain was a long and almost never-ending one. Until I met Chana!!!! I didn’t expect that I would ever walk around and experience life without the pain that I suffered daily. My sister was dying and every day was unbearable, as I waited for the day I could finally mourn her. Never did I think I could live life again in the moment, without the lingering anguish of the suffering my sister was going through. Well, that changed when I met Chana. I’d previously seen many functional practitioners, and yes, many helped in their own way.
But when I met Chana, that was my last stop.
No need to search any longer because she was able to heal my emotional and physical ailments through and through.
Chana’s special gift is something I have never experienced in my life. I was able to live life happily and excited for each new day, even throughout my sister’s illness.
The pain was and still is gone.
Chana has done what no therapist or functional practitioner could ever do for me. Her work in NET and other modalities (and she does many) was life-changing.
Chana is never rushed. She is there for her client throughout their process of healing in a calm way. I never felt alone.
Chana was able to pinpoint my needs and was able to heal me in a way that really got to the root of my issue. The healing process with Chana was so efficient and so specific to my needs.
She is a remarkable, intelligent, and talented practitioner, and I recommend her to anyone and everyone who wants to heal in any way.
Chana changed my life, and I am grateful to have met and been healed by such a special and gifted practitioner.”

34 y.o. Nurse and Mom

Psoriasis turned Normal

“Actually, I never had such an experience.
The way my psoriasis just came off.
My heavy crusted psoriasis became skin level after two sessions with Chana.

It all started when I cried to a mekubal (Kabbalist) in Borough Park about how I suffer so badly from Psoriasis.
I told him how my skin felt like it did not belong on my body.
It felt like my skin was on too tight and there was no elasticity.
The itching was like a constant mild burn.
The Psoriasis made me extremely tired and put me into a depression.
The mekubal told me to see Chana Klein.
I don’t know how he knew of her.

After two visits with Chana, this is what happened:
I noticed it when I was in the Mikvah.
I was sitting and looked into the water.
I saw what looked like pieces of plastic floating.
They were so thick.
I said to myself, could it be????
Then I looked at my legs to make sure.
It was like the whole psoriasis came off.
Now, it was skin level.

After two visits with Chana, my legs turned to normal with just a little redness that pursued.
I feel great.”

60 y.o.male

Business Coaching/Healing

“I always struggled with money.
I worked long hours and difficult jobs but could not make ends meet.
I came to Chana to uncover and heal past stories that were affecting my reality in finances.
And uncover she did!
She addressed the stories that were directly affecting my self-esteem.
Chana was the shliach from Hashem (Messenger from God).
I am now a successful business owner.
I give credit to Chana who instilled in me the courage and confidence it took to allow money into my life!”

40-year-old Business Owner

Cancer Cleared

“6 years ago, I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, and I lost 45 lbs.
Within 3 months, my face was drawn and white, I had zero energy, extreme weakness, poor balance, and brain fog, and I looked like and felt like I had just come out of a concentration camp, Rachmana Litzlan.
With Chana Klein’s incredible healing skills, and understanding of the intricacies of disease, she brought me back to health and I put back the weight, and regained my strength and my balance, and my brain fog cleared.
I feel cleared of this cancer and back to my full life.”

69 year old male medical professional

Physical Issues Healed over Internet

“I contacted Chana Klein because I had several physical issues that were causing me pain and discomfort.
In four sessions with amazing accuracy, she was able to tap into the source of my issues.
Chana was able to find and release unresolved emotional issues which were stored and locked in my body and manifesting as physical symptoms.

Chana Klein is the real deal and has done the work herself in her own life.
She is living proof of how powerful this work can be.”

50 year old Professional & Mom

Understanding in Relationships

“Hi Chana,
I didn’t speak to you in a long time! But I did think of you.
You should know that what you had told me that my ex is a narcissist, that helped me so, so much!
I had one other person who mentioned it a year earlier and I shrugged it off and never looked into it and figured he’s just abusive.
You explained it so well that it got me to do research as you suggested.
Since then, I understand all the confusion and awful feelings I had etc.
So, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!!
No words can ever explain what this did for me.
It’s also quite possible that I received the Get (divorce document) because of you.
Since I knew from you already, that he is a narcissist, we did research and found out WHAT will help him give me the Get. And BH I then got it.
Thank you so much.”

50 y.o. mom

Mom of young adult who was not able to fast without becoming very ill

“Dearest Chana,
It’s mind boggling and incredible. My son felt literally great today even till the end of the day!! He also feels great now. We still can’t believe this miracle.

My son since the age of 13 when he had to start fasting, ALWAYS, every single fast day, felt SO sick from about 2:00pm till the end of the fast day.
He used to vomit multiple times, could hardly daven from 2:00pm etc.

No words can explain how grateful we are to you!!! and to Hashem for sending you!!”

Mother of 23 year old

Food Sensitivities Gone

“My son experienced heartburn after every meal.
Chana’s testing showed sensitivity to hot and spicy food.
She treated him with what she said is a technique that she learned in Eden Energy Medicine to heal his food sensitivity.
Since that treatment, he no longer reacts to those foods or to any other, Baruch Hashem.
So simple but so profound!”

Mother of 17-year-old son

Process of Healing Acne Creates Emotional Insight & Maturity

“My 15 year old son had terrible acne on his face. Amazingly, it continuously kept clearing up as Chana cleared the underlying emotions. As Chana treats her clients, she explains her way through what she is doing with them to get them better. That is a service in and of itself. My son came to understand the logic in his own emotional world. That trained him to recognize the patterns and triggers in his life, and to relate to, and process his emotions. It’s invaluable! Thank you, Chana, for this treasure!”

Mother of 15-year-old son

Toilet Training Issues

“We have been working with Chana for a year now and have had successes in too many areas to list, including clearing fears from my kids and getting rid of my own headaches. Here’s one that I found so very amazing. I had been toilet training my son for weeks. He could not get past his fears of releasing in the toilet. He is bright and independent. He understood the expectation very well and was perfectly capable of doing it, but fear got in his way. After just one session with Chana, the kid walked out of there fearless. We went to my mother-in-law from there and he right away asked to use the toilet and felt good about himself. Thank you, Chana!”

Mom of 6 children

Text from female client who suffers with high anxiety first session:

“I felt so empowered after our session and felt completely happy, and calmer today than I’ve ever been almost, in my recollection. Still wanted to ask you more questions about process of treatment. I can’t believe it! I’m actually smiling, completely freely I just cannot believe it.
Thank God! I’m telling you I feel like a different person! “
Tizku lmitzvot

Text from same client after our second session:

“I had the sudden urge to go out and spend time with a friend(s) -not from my usual needy place, to be picked up, but just to be social. I cannot begin to explain how amazing, thank God!.”

30 year old woman who suffers from deep depression and anxiety

Healing the Whole Family

“I thank Hashem for Chana in my life! Chana is trained in an unusually large variety of healing modalities. She’s extremely proficient in them all, which is all the more unusual. My family has been going to Chana for a myriad of issues, including physical, emotional, behavioral, and circumstantial. Her findings are unbelievable! One child had constant headaches that were often severe. After a few sessions of emotional clearing, it is permanently gone, thank God! Another child developed a low-grade temperature for a while, which was a medical mystery to multiple doctors. Chana found food sensitivities and mold exposure, which was confirmed by a lab test! Chana has all the qualities a healer needs. She creates a very safe environment that makes everyone comfortable and at ease with sharing one’s inner world. She is totally present, with you and supportive throughout the process. She is non-judgmental of what comes up, honors everything, and is understanding of it all. She works with gentleness, sensitivity, and compassion. With all of her titles, intelligence, and experience, Chana is never intimidating and always respectful. Chana is God’s gift to the World!”

36 year old mom

Fixing Family Issues

“I heard about Chana’s work from several of my friends and relatives who were raving about how helped they were by her.
So, one Sunday I brought my family to her to fix several very troublesome issues.

The first session we had with Chana was for my 12-year-old daughter.
My 12 yr. old daughter.
She had been struggling scholastically.
Her reading was very slow and her spelling and writing skills were terrible.
No matter what I did, I couldn’t get her to practice reading.
Then, after working with Chana for about 20 minutes, I can’t get her to put the books down.
She reads so much since that time she worked with Chana .
And I see a HUGE improvement in her reading, spelling, and writing skills as well.

Next, my 6-year-old son had been hoarse since he was four.
After working with Chana, he has his voice back.

And finally, my daughter hated her brother and would constantly bully him.
After a short session with Chana, she’s ok loving him and treating him with respect and years later is still good with him.
Thank you, Chana!”

Paralyzing Anxiety

“My husband had recently lost his job and spiraled into a depression. He is the primary bread winner in our family and there was a lot of stress regarding when he would be able to find work again. He lost almost 20 pounds, was very pale and began to stutter. A good friend of ours suggested that he make an appointment with Chana. We were both skeptical because we felt that short of him getting another job, nothing can really help our situation.
After one session with Chana his color returned to his face, his stutter disappeared and he became more confident.
He was ultimately able to channel this confidence into interviews and shortly after his visit with Chana got a great job!
I am so grateful to Chana for her ability to help my husband so quickly through such a hard time in our lives!
Thank you again Chana!!!”

CL (Wife & Mom)

New to Mind Body

Recording of Rebbetzin Kohn of Jewish Renaissance Center at class after returning from being ill. Click on recording below to hear the Rebbetzin or read the transcription below that: Listen to the testimonial here

“I also learned from Chana and I am very grateful to her, that there is a connection between mind and body. My daughter goes to Chana and she pushed me very hard. ‘Go to Chana. She can help.’ And I said, ‘What do you mean? It’s a cold. I have a sore throat.’ And I went. And it was miraculous. In two times she cleared my voice. I learned there is a connection between the emotional and the physical and obviously, I appreciate even more the ability to teach.

Student 1: How many weeks before you decided to go to Chana?

Two and a half weeks.

Student 2: Three or four. I came to her and I couldn’t talk. And I walked away talking. Not yet clear, but processing. And then I was talking. And I want you to know it was after I had tried honey and tea and humidifier and what anyone said before Chana. And this, for me, was a miracle. And I am going again today.”

Rebbetzin Leah Kohn

Face Reading Client

“I have no words to thank Chana for all she has done for me and her family. Chana was there for me throughout my multiple-year journey in Shidduchim, analyzing the face of each prospective young man and leading me to the right decision. Thank God, I found my soulmate – we’ve been blissfully married for 3 years – and I can confirm that Chana’s face reading was right on target. We turned to her again to analyze the faces of prospective girls for my brother, and thanks to her direction, he is now married to a truly wonderful girl. Chana also helped my mother heal from trauma using her unique, effective methods. My family is blessed to know Chana and privileged to benefit from her kindness, empathy, and brilliance.”

30 year old female

Plantar Fasciitis Gone with Chana Online Session

“I’ve had Plantar Fasciitis for over a decade. Sometimes it’s been worse than others. I have lost track of the things I’ve tried to deal with it, nothing, including different shoes, different inserts, different devices, different exercises, different treatment modalities, seeing multiple podiatrists and physiotherapists, has been able to fix it. In the last few months, it has gotten much worse. More foot pain walking around, more having to hobble home limping or walking on the balls of my feet vs. my whole feet because my heels were in such pain I could barely walk. Standing still for longer periods of time was painful. I had to ration how often I could go out daily, sometimes I could only walk outside once, so I had to make it count, sometimes I didn’t walk out at all. When shopping for groceries, carrying more than one heavy item was often too much, so sometimes I only carried one container of milk, one bag of frozen veggies because sometimes if I carried two, the weight was too much. As someone who used to backpack all over Europe for 2 months at a time, this was massively frustrating.
When I went on a trip a few months ago, I had to fly vs. taking a ferry like usual because I knew my feet wouldn’t be able to take it and I’d risk not just the pain in the moment but having weeks or months of even more pain and less mobility because of it.

Then I had one session with Chana. It was intense, but it was worth it. My feet started getting better. I could walk longer distances. I could start carrying multiple items when doing so. I could go for more than one trip during the day. And within a few weeks, I was able to go on that same trip, but not fly, but take the ferry. Was able to stand and wait for the bus. Was able to take the 35-minute bus ride to the ferry and do it while standing up the whole way, an impossibility months before. And to go on the ferry with my heavy, large backpack. And walk around the upper deck of the ferry and walk off the ferry without being in massive pain. People take for granted the ability to do things until they can’t, like being able to walk, and carry things while they walk. I no longer do. Thanks, Chana, for helping to give me the gift of walking without pain again. It feels like a miracle. You are a wise, intuitive, skilled healer and coach, and I really appreciate being able to access your gifts.”

PR (50-year old male)

Clearing Emotional Issues

Before working with Chana, I had many emotional issues that I was not able to articulate and deal with properly. Chana helped me express my emotions and helped clear a lot of the issues that were holding me back.
She also helped me find clarity in regards to my purpose in life, as well as aided me in understanding my skills and strengths.
In addition, Chana helped me to see the value of the things I went through in my life. Beyond clearing my emotional issues, Chana also gave me exercises to perform that aid me in my ability to focus and concentrate on my studies.
Overall, working with Chana has been a very enlightening and invaluable experience.

24 year old male student

Childhood Insomnia – email from Mom

Hi thank you so much for such an amazing session yesterday. I wanted to share with you that although my son did have a bit of a hard time settling down to sleep last night, he actually slept through the entire night last night! I can probably count on one hand the amount of times he’s done that since he was born… so wow. Thank you again!

Mother of 7-year old boy

Recovering by Working with Chana

Dear Chana,

“I had a very interesting reaction from a friend, which is a testimonial to you and your amazing healing work, and so I am sharing it with you. I went to visit a friend yesterday, who hasn’t seen me for several months. The last time she saw me was a week before my cancer diagnosis. I had, at the time, lost 45 pounds. I had been barely able to stand and when I did, I often fell over. I had not been able to walk half a block or even to walk from my bedroom to my bathroom without falling, at times, on my head.

When my friend opened the door yesterday, she smiled from ear to ear and said, ‘You look alive!!! Your Simchas haChaim (your joy for life and your energy) is back! You look so much better than the last time I saw you a few months ago. Thank God! What are you doing?!’ I said, ‘Thank God, and Thank God for Chana Klein’s help. She worked with me, and with God’s help, got me to where I am today, feeling fine. Chana is one of the Greats in Healing and as you can see, has been helping me tremendously!’

My friend was absolutely amazed at how healthy I look. Thought you would appreciate this from someone who never met you.

Then, I met a co-worker yesterday, whom I haven’t seen for several months since after I got sick. She said, ‘You look Great, thank God! You look a lot younger than before you got sick!’ It’s your doing, Chana, because of all the healing and coaching you have been doing with me! Thank God for bringing you into my life, and Thank you, thank you, thank you! All the Best!”


Chana Gets to the Source & Clears it . .

My journey with Chana has been truly incredible. Chana has been a supportive, intuitive, kind, and loving figure in my life through many challenges and upheavals. Not only has she been supportive, she has always been encouraging and helps me get in touch with my growth and personal strength in every situation. My work with Chana has allowed me to get in touch with the source of the matter at hand, the original event of each issue that is troubling me, as well as guiding me to release the emotional blockages stored in my body. Every time I walk out of my sessions with Chana, I feel lighter, clearer, and more-ready to face my life from a space of clarity and strength.
I trust the work that Chana does and know that so much has been resolved and much progress has been made through our work together. Chana is someone who truly cares about the individuals she works with and she is someone who will go on your journey together with you.
I feel grateful for the opportunities I have had to work with her and view her presence in my life as a true gift. So much love,

24 year old graduate student

Releasing all of the stuff that is making you sick

Chana is an amazing coach and healer. She combines a love of learning on a wide range of topics and techniques, amazing intuition with a hyper focused curiosity and fearless compassion to help you achieve your goals and get what you want.
Think that resolving your Gordian Knot level problems, or releasing past heavy emotional baggage, or the deeper, hidden, and more powerful baggage you didn’t know existed under that rot is not possible?
It is possible with someone as experienced, multi-talented and tenacious about helping you understand, release, heal and move forward as is Chana.
I wish I would have worked with her years ago.

PQ 40 years old

Healing through Online Session Healed My Back Pain

“After five visits to the chiropractor for terrible lower back pain, I asked, ‘Do you think this is doing anything?’ She said sadly, ‘No, I’ll refund the money for your unused sessions.’

Two days later, I talked to Chana for the first time.

Ever since working with Chana (about six weeks at this writing), no more pain. What more can I say? And she is certainly less painful than a chiropractor!”

K. Online Client Web Developer

Back Pain & Voice Issues (professional singer)

“What would you give to find a person who could guide you and help you heal both your past and your present, a person who knows how to trace your current pain to its origin? What would you give for a person who could really truly ‘get you’ and provide the objectivity and wisdom to guide you even without words? Chana Klein is not your average coach/healer. Chana has a veritable arsenal of carefully cultivated tools from a wide variety of reputable sources, which she has carefully mastered and continues to master and teach. In addition, Chana has the unique ability to know exactly which ones to pull out and apply to help take us from pain to peak performance! Chana has helped me in every area of my life. As the singer whose voice was stuck after the flu with hoarseness and no upper range, Chana cleared the source of my vocal issues.

It turned out to be linked to my not having a ‘voice’ with significant others in my life. Once we cleared that, my voice returned with a fullness that I have not had in a very long time! For this, I am deeply grateful and am now able to pursue my dream of recording songs!

In the past, I’ve used chiropractors my whole life. Guess what? Chana cleared my back pain faster and with results that last! Chana Klein is a gift from The Master of the World! Her work is deeply rooted in authentic Torah. She learns Torah daily and has done so for decades. I am beyond grateful to have this wonderful healer in my family’s life!”

Professional female – age in 60’s

Too Many Illnesses – All Healed

“The day I began working with Chana, to heal me, my life changed.
I had been depressed, in pain, with many unexplained, disturbing symptoms, having fallen 6 times and having been misdiagnosed and mistreated by the professionals and hospitals of Western Medicine.
I felt helpless. It felt so hopeless in that I would ever regain my health, or ever creep out of the darkness that had befallen me.
Chana’s laser-like intuition and her uncanny ability to see clearly gave her the ability to determine that my illness was a direct result of my not facing and feeling my innermost feelings. Chana helped me to look deeply inside myself. She gave me the courage look at and to face my real feelings about myself, about things I had done.
In a most non-judging way, Chana gave me the insight and the courage to face things I had blamed others for, while in fact, I needed to accept responsibility for my decisions and for my actions and non-actions, and for all the opportunities I had regretfully passed up.
It was like magic.
Chana helped me see the truth and walked me thru the process of clearing issues that I had never had any inkling existed within me, yet which were causing my illness.
Chana’s healing techniques cleared up a number of my physical ailments that I had accumulated, such as being very worn out, having jerky hand movements, my instability and poor balance, my extreme fatigue and lack of drive, my very pale skin color, and my inner anger at myself which I had turned externally and was angry at everybody else except my inner self.
She helped me get in touch with all those inner feelings and taught me how to instead find something to love about every person with whom I had dealings.
What a God-Send she is!
She gave me back hope, clarity, a sense of self, by her single-minded focus on healing me, as she used a number of different techniques, including NET (Neuro Emotional Technique), Energy Medicine and Chinese Medicine techniques, her vast knowledge of Acupressure, and Interactive Guided Imagery, and the list goes on and on.
My life has changed in so many ways the day I began my work with Chana.
I thank God for guiding me to her.
She is undoubtedly one of the best healers and coaches on the planet!
I am forever grateful to Chana for all she has done and continues to do in her work with me, and to the Almighty for sending me to her, His agent for Healing!
Her healing is beyond anything I have ever seen or experienced before! If you have a problem that no one else can help you with, make an appointment to see Chana.
She will find the source of your issues and will help you clear them and help you regain your health, your sanity and restore the balance in your life.”

70 year old male medical professional

What a Difference a Session with Chana Makes

“I made an appointment with Chana because I was feeling extreme fatigue. I was exhausted. My arms even felt heavy. I workout almost every day and couldn’t imagine doing so that day, the way I was feeling. Just getting through the day was starting to feel like a difficult task. I was concerned there was something seriously wrong with me. I remember driving to the appointment with Chana thinking that I had to call my doctor and schedule blood work to see what was happening. But, after a 45 minute NET session with Chana, the fatigue lifted totally. I left feeling fine! If I didn’t experience it myself, I don’t know if I’d believe it. What a difference! But that’s NET, it’s amazing how emotions can affect us.
Finding a practitioner like Chana is worth its weight in gold.
It’s been weeks since the treatment. The fatigue has not returned and I’m still feeling great.
Chana is a skilled practitioner who I would recommend. She is kind, caring and professional.”

Professional female – age in 60s

PCOS Cleared

“Hi! I came to you suffering from PCOS.
I wanted to let you know that since we worked through the emotions for my PCOS, since then, my cycles happen naturally.
Sometimes more regularly than others but for the most part it’s good.
Also the when I saw the doctor, the bloodwork showed that the numbers went down a lot! Thank you!”

28 y.o. woman

Hip & Back Pain Cleared

“I just wanted to thank you for today.
For the first time in a long while I was standing during davening and I didn’t feel like I had to sit down.”

50 y.o man