Chana’s Books

Welcome to a world where challenges transform into stepping stones, and darkness serves as a canvas for the light. Each book penned by Chana Klein is an illustrated, ADHD-friendly beacon, guiding readers through narratives that resonate with tenacity and hope.

Light from the darkness by chana klein

Light From The Darkness: A Different Perspective on Difficult Times

This book will change how you see your life. It’s not just a memoir; it’s a beacon through the shadowy parts of our lives. The narrative chronicles the journey from a difficult childhood in an orphanage to a fulfilled adulthood, enriched by the rediscovery of her ancestral roots in Judaism. It’s an honest exploration of often unspoken challenges, providing unique insights that urge us to rethink our struggles. This odyssey of resilience transforms fear into hope and adversity into opportunity, promising readers a new lens through which to view life’s challenges.

Light From the Darkness of Illness & Physical Disability: What Makes Us Ill, What Keeps Us Ill & How to Heal

In her second book, Chana Klein shares profound lessons learned from a near-death experience that profoundly changed her outlook on life. As a ‘healing detective,’ Chana delves into the origins of each individual’s struggles, determined to unearth and remedy the root causes. Integrating her extensive healing and coaching expertise with daily Torah study, she offers a harmonized approach to understanding illness and well-being. This book is a testament to her journey of self-discovery and healing, extending her knowledge and strategies to help others on their path to wellness.

Why Is This Happening To Me?: Light From The Darkness of Pain & Suffering

Review from Donna Eden, of Eden Energy & Medicine

“Chana, I pulled your book out to browse through today… and I couldn’t quit reading. I was glued. I think it is wonderful. And thank you for your acknowledgment of me, David and Energy Medicine. It was very moving, Chana.

I loved reading how you investigated chemotherapy. I loved how you recognize that our disabilities cause our amazing successes and healings. Loved how you were so wise about John F. Kennedy’s illnesses that helped create his successes.

This is a book well worth recommending… and I will.

May Passover be extra meaningful this year for you. And may it offer you hope. Love to you, Chana.”

Review from Donna Eden, of Eden Energy & Medicine.