Light FROM the Darkness of Illness & Physical Disability

Light from the Darkness of Illness

In “Light FROM the Darkness of Illness & Physical Disability,” 

Chana Klein unfolds the transformative lessons from her near-death experience—a profound event that reshaped her understanding of life and healing. Her narrative is steeped in the wisdom she’s acquired through extensive training in Healing and Coaching, positioning her as a ‘healing detective’ who delves into and resolves the root causes of various ailments.

Chana’s commitment to truth-seeking is further evidenced by her rigorous study of The Torah. Dedicating three to six hours daily to Torah classes since 1980, she draws significant healing insights from these studies, many of which she shares in her writing.

This book is more than an account of personal triumph over illness; it’s a distillation of Chana’s extensive knowledge and experience, offering readers a deep dive into understanding illness and the journey to healing. Her personal victories against her illnesses and disabilities mirror the triumphs she’s facilitated for her clients, showcasing the potency of her methods and the breadth of her expertise.