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Accessing the mind, body & spirit’s ability to heal.

Energy Medicine | Neuro Emotional Technique Face Reading Coaching

As a Healer specializing in Chinese Medicine Modalities, and a Certified Professional Coach with expertise in ADHD, Family, Recovery, and Relationship Coaching, I am committed to helping you achieve your desired outcomes.

Feel free to contact me via phone or email to discuss any issues, questions, or concerns about working together.

A key principle of my approach is that all illness stems from emotional origins.

This concept is further explored in my second book, “Light FROM the Darkness of Illness & Physical Disability: What Makes Us

ll, What Keeps Us Ill, & How to Heal,” available at Amazon.

Contrary to the feeling that trauma is only a mental experience, scientific research has shown that trauma is actually stored in the body.

My work typically begins by addressing and clearing emotional and traumatic blockages within your body.

In most cases, resolving these emotional issues also alleviates the associated physical symptoms.


Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner

“Energy Medicine brings you vitality when you are drained, health when you are ill, and joy when you are down.”

— Donna Eden founder of Innersource.net

As an Advanced Practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine (EEM-AP), I specialize in balancing and restoring your body’s natural energies to enhance vitality, mental strength, and overall health. Unlike traditional treatments that rely on medication or surgery, Energy Medicine takes a holistic approach, focusing on the entire body as an interconnected system. This method is particularly effective in preparing the body for medical interventions such as surgery, ensuring a strong, healthy energy flow for successful treatment outcomes.

The techniques I employ, rooted in ancient healing practices, are modern and non-denominational, compatible with various beliefs including Jewish Law. At the core of this practice is the belief that your well-being and effectiveness are intrinsically linked to the state of your body’s energies. It’s important to note, however, that Energy Medicine is not a substitute for professional medical or mental health care.

During sessions, I use gentle, non-invasive methods to assess and harmonize energy disturbances in the body. While these techniques are generally safe, I encourage open communication about any discomfort, and I will immediately cease any procedure upon request. My approach differs from conventional medicine in that it focuses on correcting energy imbalances rather than diagnosing and treating symptoms and diseases, thus promoting balance and flow in the body’s energy fields.

Learn more about energy medicine here.

Certified Level III Neuro Emotional Technique Practitioner (NET)

All illness begins with the emotions, the NEC (Neuro-Emotional Complex.)
NET is a pathway to heal each malady from its source.

NET is a proven blend of the latest scientific research and centuries-old Eastern healing techniques. 

It acknowledges the relationship between the body’s emotional health, environmental toxicity, nutritional balance, and structural integrity.

It heals the stress, the emotional component of every illness, every trauma, every bad memory, dream, pain, disability, etc.

The results of the NET sessions that I have been doing with clients for the past almost 20 years have been nothing short of miraculous.  This technique is now scientifically proven in Thomas Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia. (See www.netmindoby.com for the articles in prominent medical journals)For a thorough explanation of the how and why of NET, read my book: Light FROM the Darkness of Illness & Physical Disability: What Makes Us Ill, What Keeps Us Ill, & How to HealSold on Amazon

Master Face Reader

I use my skill as a Master Face Reader, to get to know you and your issues through seeing your face, so that I may work with you more effectively.

I look at the structure of your face, the lines, the color, the texture, and any markings, like blemishes or lesions, in order to gain a deeper understanding of all of your issues. 

I do this in person, or through a photo.

I also have created many courses that I have taught on various aspects of Face Reading.

Some of the courses are: 

  • How to use the Ancient Art of Chinese Medicine Face Reading to Determine the Client’s Element & Issues (for Medical Professionals)
  • Chinese Medicine Face Reading for Matchmaking (for anyone interested in learning how to see compatibility in a couple.
  • Learn more about Yourself through Chinese Medicine Face Reading.
  • How to Read the Wrinkles and How to Clear Them. 
  • The Face as the Subconscious

Today, a large part of my practice is Face Reading for Shidduchim (Matchmaking). 

I have advised on couples and worked also with the parents of many before they introduce the couple to each other.
I explain how they will get along and whether or not it is advisable to go ahead with the match.
It has been highly reliable and created many happy couples and saved many from what could have been a disaster.

Overall, Face Reading is an invaluable aid in understanding yourself and others and acts as an aid in creating a plan to helping you feel better. 

*There is no expression of names, mantras, or verses, in carrying out the physical implementation of the Face Reading techniques. There is no use of magic or any other modality that is not halachically acceptable.

“as long as a practice is based on some kind of reason or logic, it is not included in the prohibition of idol worship called Darchei ha’Emori”

(in Sefer Taryag Mitzvos, Mitzvah 263).

Additionally, Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, z”l – one of the recent poskei haDor, ruled that all modalities of alternative medicine are permissible only if it is possible to prove that the practitioner uses natural means of healing.

It is known that children who are abused become intuitive in reading people.
As a battered child, I learned to protect myself by reading a person and knowing the facial expressions that revealed to me that another beating is imminent.
Of course, at the time I was not aware of “face reading.”
But as I grew up and aged, I realized how I was moved by people’s faces and saw that I understood so much of who each person was.
And so as the years passed, I found several schools of face reading and learned the lessons they shared. My face reading skills got more pronounced.
My background as a battered child provided for me the ability to read people’s faces. For me, It was not magic. It was survival.

Master Coach

Together, we may discover that Coaching, either alone or combined with Mind-Body Medicine, can significantly benefit you or your family member.

Coaching is a partnership where we work together to unlock your personal and professional potential. This process is engaging and creative, conducted through phone, Skype, or in-person sessions. It operates on the principle that you inherently have the answers you seek, and my role as a coach is to guide you in finding these through strategic questioning and empowering tools.

I bring a wealth of experience and qualifications to our sessions. As a Master Certified ADHD Coach (MCAC with PAAC) and a leader in the ADHD division of the International Coach Federation (ICF) for over ten years, my expertise is extensive. I co-founded The Professional Association for ADHD Coaches (PAAC) and have a strong background in ethics and training in the field. My specializations include working with individuals with ADHD or on the Autism Spectrum, and my experience extends to successfully supporting those with Schizophrenia.

In addition to these areas, I have been a Diplomate of Professional Coaching with the International Academy of Behavioral Medicine, Counseling & Psychotherapy. I also hold certifications as a Family Coach, aiding families to thrive within their structure through techniques like parent training and mediation. My work in Relationship Coaching, working with couples, families, parents and children, has brought happiness and peace to many. In the area of Recovery Coaching, I was focusing on addictions and eating disorders, which adds another dimension to my practice.

Chana’s Books

Chana’s Work

Chana Klein’s path is marked by an unwavering dedication to helping others. As a teacher, an accomplished alternative medicine practitioner, and a Master Life-Coach, her expertise is rooted in a deep well of knowledge and numerous certifications.

In her myriad roles as a Healer, Coach, Mentor, Storyteller, Mother, Grandmother and Author, Chana brings a unique warmth and wisdom. Her writing reflects the richness of her experiences, turning personal stories into lessons of resilience and hope.

Chana’s journey has been profound and varied, finding a deep connection with the wisdom of the Torah since 1982. Her daily dedication to its study infuses her work with insights and guidance that resonate across her diverse areas of expertise.To explore more about Chana’s journey and her professional services, visit her website, “The ADHD Coach.”

Chana’s Healing Narrative

Full-body Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy rendered Chana unable to bear weight on her legs for 20 years. Her search for relief from the disability and the pain, pushed Chana to not only figure out how to get better, but to change her career from a successful teacher to a dedicated Healer.  On top of that, Chana Had Ovarian Cancer. Chana’s battle with cancer led her to a transformative near-death experience, which she eloquently shares in her book, “Light FROM the Darkness of Illness & Physical Disability.” The insights gained from this experience have profoundly impacted her approach to life and healing practice.

Her resilience is not just a personal triumph; it forms the core of her approach in helping others. Chana’s history of overcoming immense emotional and physical challenges equips her to be a relentless ‘healing detective’, striving to find and solve the root causes of her clients’ problems.

Having overcome Stage IV Ovarian Cancer, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), addictions, and a spectrum of other ailments, she stands as symbol of hope and healing. Her ability to treat conditions that are often considered untreatable, including Multiple Sclerosis and various mental health challenges, is nothing short of remarkable.

Chana’s expertise also extends to working with individuals on the Autism Spectrum, Schizophrenia, OCD, and more, where she applies her innovative techniques and strategies.

Her upcoming book, “Why Is This Happening to Me? Light FROM the Darkness of Pain & Suffering,” is set to further illuminate her holistic understanding of illness of Mental Disability, and of Suffering, drawing from her extensive experiences and profound Torah studies.