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What Does It Mean to Be Healed?

What Does It Mean to Be Healed?

The Search for Healing

People in search of healing are usually looking for something to make the hurting stop, and to make it so they will never hurt again.

But it’s okay to hurt . . .

knowing that letting it hurt is part of being healed.


It took me a lifetime to learn this lesson.

Healing from Addiction

It is this knowing that keeps me free of the addictions that plagued my life (food, Ambien, codependency, etc.)
I used those addictions in order to not feel.

Today, because I let myself feel,

I can be okay without the use of any substance, that is not a part of me,

I am free of all addiction.

How did I achieve this?

I discovered that it is futile to strive to never have any problem,

or to never have anyone hurt me,

or to never feel awful again.

The search for how to never be hurt again is futile because those hurts are part of living.

If we live life to the fullest we will get hurt.
If we try to not live life to the fullest we will hurt even more.

Life has ups and downs.
But everything passes.
Everything is temporary,

the wonderful and the terrible.
It’s all temporary.

Today’s problem gets resolved and another materializes.
That is our soul journey.

What to do?

We need to reach inside,

into the dark places within each of us

to find the Light to which the darkness leads us,

to find the Light that is from that very darkness.









The More I Resist . . .

The More I Resist . . .

The more I resist the rejection of another, the more rejected I get.

resistance stubborn-husky-puppy-4929888The more I try to make you love me, the sooner your rejection will come.

The more I resist feelings of depression, the deeper the depression goes.

The more I try to fall asleep, the more alert and awake I become.

The more I try to look pretty, the less attractive I appear.

The more I try to be an intuitive, the less my intuition serves e.

The more I try to convince you that I am right, the sooner will you find me wrong.

The more I try to appear smart, the more errors I make.

The more I try to get my children to tell me things, the less they share with me

The more I try to do everything myself, the less I get done.

The more I resist and fight an illness, the more ill I become with it.

The more I try to avoid stress, the bench-press-1013857_960_720more stress chases me.

The more I resist, the more my problems persist.

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