The Darkest Part

Page 16-17 in Light FROM the Darkness – A Different Perspective of Difficult on Difficult Times

I look in the mirror.

I marvel at how my body has more systems and parts than I could list.

I notice the various colors and shades reflected in my image.

And then, it strikes me.

the-darkes-partOnly one part of my body is actually the color black, the color of darkness.

That part is the pupil of my eye.

It strikes me as very strange.

That the pupil of the eye is the part of the body into which light enters.

And the white of the eye, that appears to be light, cannot see any light.

That means that the only part of the body through which light can enter is the darkest part.

The light that I see comes in through the pupil,

the blackest, darkest spot on my body.

In the same way, light comes from the darkness.

So it has been for me . . .