Page 280 in Light FROM the Darkness – A Different Perspective of Difficult on Difficult Times

I know I’m not the only one. I know that there are so many of us who
didn’t have a mother or who didn’t have a father and those who didn’t feel like they had any parent even if it looked to others like they did.

But I believe that we were born to the parents we were supposed to be born to. We were born to those people in order that we follow our soul’s path, in order that we learn the Life-Lessons we were put into this world to learn.

We were given to these parents in order that we have the opportunity to  build the strengths of who we inherently are and to guide us to be who we can be.

Had I had a loving mother, and maybe even a loving father, I would not have had the opportunities to overcome and build myself, the opportunities to create myself into who I am today.

The pain with which I struggled forced me to search and to find answers that ended up building my character .

In addition, had I not been in such darkness, I would never have known what to say to a child who has belt buckle scar marks all over her back and legs from the parent who repeatedly beat her, or to the teen who complains his mother hates him, or to the adult who cries that there is no one to reach out to.

Had I not experienced the darkness that I did, how could I know what to do with my darkness and that of others?

Each of our horrors is a disguise for an opportunity, an opportunity to rise above and be who we are capable of growing into.

That is the Light From the Darkness; that each terrible happening is a doorway into more insight, more understanding and into the opportunity to make the choice to achieve greatness.

We can’t hide from darkness.

We can’t disregard it.

Darkness gets darker when we try to resist it.

The dark times present us with a choice. We may choose to rise above it or we may choose to drown in that darkness.

Each of us  chooses how we want to view our individual darkness.

The darkness can be the source of our greatest Light once we face it head on.

The Light From the Darkness is the opportunity for each one of us to shine.

That is the Light FROM the Darkness.