Chana Klein writes in the language of stories.

Chana shares through her stories how she has used the darkness that enveloped her to extract great light and to develop a life-career of helping others to extract their own light from whatever darkness envelopes them.

Chana is a licensed teacher, an alternative medicine practitioner and a life-coach holding more certifications than most people on the planet. She relishes each experience of being there for another person in her many roles as healer, coach, teacher, mentor, friend, mother, grandmother, writer, and storyteller.

Years of searching for her truth, led to Chana’s journey through many religions of the world. Her studies led her to the wisdom of the Torah. She has been studying that wisdom since 1982 for 1 to 6 hours each day. Chana’s wisdom from many areas of study and experience is integrated into her stories.


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