Face Reading

                       THE FACE AS THE SUBCONSCIOUS                                      




  • The Hebrew word for FACE is Panim.

  • The Hebrew word for INSIDES is  Panim.

  • Hebrew, the oldest language, equates the face with the inside of a person.

  • The writings say that your face is the place where your unique interior is revealed.



Face Reading (Physiognomy) assesses energy that appears through your face. This can be done using a  photo or in-person.

Part of my work is as a teacher of Chinese Medicine Face Reading to health professionals, energy practitioners, mind-body practitioners, and the public interest groups like face reading for couples’ compatibility.

I connect your facial structure, lines, and color to get a full picture of who you are and what energetic and emotional issues you may be dealing with. These skills are used in assessing your needs. 

Face Reading Courses that I have created and teach are:

  • The Art and The Science of Seeing the Face as a Window into a Person’s Essence.

  • “The Face as the Subconscious – How to Read the Wrinkles and How to Clear Them.” This involves seeing the face as a window to how you have dealt with what you have experienced.

  • “Face Reading for Match Making” is a busy part of my practice.

  • Face Reading as an aid to understanding how your energies are flowing or stuck and what you need to feel optimal

Everyone for whom I do a face reading tells me how correct I am.