Neuro Emotional Techniques

All illness begins with the emotions, the NEC (Neuro-Emotional Complex.)
NET is a pathway to heal each malady from its source.

NET is a proven blend of the latest scientific research and centuries-old Eastern healing techniques.

It acknowledges the relationship between the body’s emotional health, environmental toxicity, nutritional balance, and structural integrity.

It heals the stress, the emotional component of every illness, every trauma, every bad memory, dream, pain, disability, etc.

The results of the NET sessions that I have been doing with clients for the past almost 20 years have been nothing short of miraculous.  This technique is now scientifically proven in Thomas Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia. (See for the articles in prominent medical journals)

For a thorough explanation of the how and why of NET, read my book: Light FROM the Darkness of Illness & Physical Disability: What Makes Us Ill, What Keeps Us Ill, & How to Heal. Sold on Amazon

Scientific Validation for NET